Toll-free duration for CNY 2023 ends at 11:59 pm tonight –

The federal government’s deal free of cost toll for the Chinese New Year 2023 traveling duration will certainly finish tonight at 11:59 pm.

This is a pointer that if you travel through a toll plaza after the due date, you will certainly be billed complete toll for your trip, despite the fact that you began your trip within the toll-free duration.

If you get on the freeway as well as are not able to make it to your location prior to the toll-free duration ends, you can simply leave at the nearby interchange prior to the 11:59 pm due date as well as come back the freeway. This way, you’ll just need to pay toll for the rest of your trip.

Certainly, this does not relate to freeways that do not utilize entrance as well as departure factor systems. For all various other freeways, simply ensure you travel through the toll plaza prior to the 11:59 pm due date.

While you will not require to spend for toll throughout these 2 days, you’ll still require to utilize your Touch ‘n Go card, SmartTAG as well as RFID tag customarily due to the fact that the obstacles are still functional.

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