Nice Price or No Dice 2001 BMW Z3 3.0

It appears that while we weren’t taking note, asking costs on little BMW roadsters like today’s Good Cost or No Dice Z3 3.0 have actually been rapidly approaching. Allow’s see if this has actually sneaked way too much.

If you have actually ever before taken a character typology examination, claim as component of an occupation development initiative or as a problem of your parole hearing, after that you could be acquainted with the Myers & & Briggs Kind Sign (MBTI); a matrix of character kinds as well as their descriptors.

If we were to identify last Friday’s 1989 Chevy Corvette on the MBTI, I assume it would certainly drop directly as a Consul (ESFJ) which stands for a character that is Extraverted, Sensing, Really Feeling, Evaluating. The Consul (ESFJ) is commonly an agreement home builder as well as at $8,995, last Friday’s ‘Vette appeared to construct a strong agreement, with a lot of the remarks being a variant of, “I do not dislike it.” In the long run, that caused a 75 percent Nice Cost win, a really wonderful coating to our week.

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Below’s an enjoyable point to take into consideration; today’s 2001 BMW Z3 has a 3.0- litre inline 6 that at 228 horse power is just 17 timid of the overall made by last Friday’s ’89 Corvette’s little block V8. As well as, while it does quit one gear to the ‘Vette, having just a five-speed, it holds a 300 or two extra pound weight benefit over the Chevy, making it an excellent little bit quicker.

To be fair, there are other ways that the American car beats out the German. The Corvette has a removable hard roof that can be stored on the car and it has pop-up headlamps which are the best headlamps ever invented. In the BMW’s favor, there’s a full convertible top in addition to its leave-behind hard top, the aforementioned better performance, and… well, a rabbit costume.

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Now, before you snot into your cereal in confusion and horror over the rabbit costume, be comforted to know that it is not a mandatory inclusion in the Bimmer’s sale. That being said, if you can have it, why would you not take it? There must be some children in your neighborhood that deserve to be scarred for life.

While the Rabbit costume may be seen by some as some sort of distraction, the car underneath actually looks to be in pretty decent shape and without the need for such a diversion. According to the ad, this Z3 has 163,000 miles on the clock and a clean title. The seller claims the car to have been garage-kept all its life and to have originally been a California car, so rust shouldn’t be an issue.

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The true issues seem to be few and fairly obvious. While the white paint looks to be in decent shape, there are a couple of dings in the bodywork. There’s also something going on with the back bumper that’s causing too big of a gap between it and the rear fender on the passenger side. On the plus side, the factory wheels seem to be free of curb rash and the headlamp lenses are reasonably clear and un-yellowed.

There’s more to like in the cabin too. The beige leather upholstery looks its age. Also notable is the glovebox, which doesn’t seem to suffer the standard under-dash sag that is endemic to these models. The convertible top appears intact, with a clear rear window, and the car comes with its factory windscreen between the roll-bars to keep the breeze off your collar.

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Nothing much is offered in the ad as to the car’s mechanical condition, other than the promotion of the M45 under the hood as one of the stoutest engines BMW has ever produced. That advocacy aside, this is a 21-year-old German car and there’s a certain “jumping into the deep end” involved with the ownership of any such beast. Oh yeah, there’s also that freaky rabbit costume to consider. What’s that all about?

Since the question of the costume is one for the ages, let’s just focus on the car and its $15,500 asking price. The Z3 roadster is coming of age and the market for the model is getting a bit more aggressive these days. This particular Z3 is at the top of the model’s valuation, although it is also well spec’d and comes with two tops. Is that enough?

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What do you say? Is this Z3 worth that $15,500 asking as it’s presented in its ad? Or, does that price make you not want to “hop to it?”

You decide!

Manhattan, Kansas, Craigslist, or go below if the advertisement goes away.

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